Buying and selling stock reddit

It's so obvious it sounds like a joke.

Can I Sell and Buy Shares in the Same Stock Within 30 Days?

In reality, it's a lot easier said than done. Behind the truism is the tendency of the markets to overshoot on both the downside and the upside. Part of the reason is a pure herd instinct that drives stock prices. The investor who takes an unbiased look at the market might be able to see the herd instinct at work and take advantage of the extreme ups and downs that it causes.

That investor can buy low and sell high. Unfortunately, it's easy to determine after the fact whether a price was too low or too high and even why. Prices both affect and reflect the psychology and emotions of market participants. For this reason, "buy low, sell high" can be challenging to implement consistently.

Traders trying for a more objective view consider other factors to make a more informed decision. These factors include moving averages, the business cycle, and consumer sentiment. Moving averages are derived solely from price history. They show price fluctuations over time, essentially smoothing out the short-lived price bumps to show the general direction of a stock over time. Some traders track two moving averages, one of short duration and another with a longer duration, to protect downside risk.

One common method is to use the day and day moving averages. When the day moving average crosses the day moving average, it generates a buy signal.

When it crosses the other way, it generates a sell signal. The point of the moving average is to help a trader time a buy or sell at the right point in the trend. Over the long term, the drivers of the market as a whole follow a consistent pattern, moving from fear to greed and back to fear. Times of maximum fear is the best time to buy stocks, while times of maximum greed are the best time to sell.

These extremes take place a couple of times every decade and have remarkable similarities. The emotional cycle follows the business cycle. When the economy is in a recession, fear predominates. This is the time to buy low. When the economy booms, prices go up like there's no tomorrow.

This is the time to sell. Long-term investors might consider watching the business cycle and consumer sentiment surveys as market timing tools. Regularly published reports such as the Consumer Confidence Survey provide further insight into the business cycle. There are notorious examples of market extremes, including recent instances such as the internet bubble of the late s and the market crash of Both proved to be excellent opportunities for those who bought low and sold high.

At the time, it seemed as if the trend would never end.Skip to main content. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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buying and selling stock reddit

Mark Douglas. Stock Investing For Dummies. Security Analysis: Principles and Techniques. Benjamin Graham.Buying stocks on dips to earn extra return then switching to cash to wait for another pullback sounds like a good strategy. After all, buying low and selling high is what investors are told they should do. But investing only on the dips, which involves some market timing, returns far less than simply buying and holding, according to Samuel Lee, investment adviser at SVRN Asset Management.

To prove it, Lee ran simulations using monthly U. The investor would then hold the stocks for at least 12 months or until the market recovers to the point where the investor bought the stocks, whichever is longer. Instead, it turns out the buy-the-dip strategy would earn a third of return of a buy-and-hold strategy with much higher volatility.

In the chart below, Lee maps out the cumulative excess return that is, return above cash of this variation of the strategy versus the market. Breaking down the cumulative return to average annualized returns with corresponding volatility shows you just how bad of a strategy buying the dip would have been.

Volatility in this case measures how far actual returns deviate from the mean. Buying and holding equities over this stretch of time returned 6. The range would be negative First, sitting in cash when the historical equity risk premium—excess return above a risk-free rate, such as the yield on a Treasury note—was high and bear markets rare would be costly. Lee is careful, however, to urge that his findings not be construed as advice to always buy and hold. Shares surged Friday in Asia after China reported economic data that, while bleak, was better than expected.

How Much Tax Do I Have to Pay on Stocks If I Sell?

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No results found.It is rare that "everyone" is selling, as transactions only occur when there are buyers and sellers. However, it can seem like "everyone" is selling when stocks are in a period of decline.

If there is more demand, buyers will bid more than the current price and, as a result, the price of the stock will rise. If there is more supply, sellers are forced to ask less than the current price, causing the price of the stock to fall. For every transaction, there must be a buyer and a seller. The person buying was not likely the broker, though. It could be anyone, like another trader or investor who thinks the price offers an opportunity to make a profit, whether in the short-term or long-term.

That said, it is possible for a stock to have no buyers. When there are no buyers, you can't sell your shares, and you'll be stuck with them until there is some buying interest from other investors.

A buyer could pop in a few seconds, or it could take minutes or even days or weeks in the case of very thinly traded stocks.

Usually, someone is willing to buy somewhere, it just may not be at the price the seller wants. This happens regardless of the broker.

buying and selling stock reddit

The broker only places your order in the market place so it can transact with other orders. This is because, unlike an agent, the dealer is an owner of the stock. Examples of this include market makers. Investors holding thinly traded stocks may have a hard time finding buyers, necessitating patience as they wait for a buyer to show up. As discussed above, many brokers are just trading facilitators.

They don't take a position opposite to your orders. Markets makers do take the opposite side of a trade and may act as a buyer if you are a seller or vice versa. Some firms that offer brokerage services are also market makers.

Market makers are there to help facilitate trade so there are buyers and sellers in stocks listed on the major exchanges. This doesn't mean they will always give a good price—they are just providing some liquidity. After a market maker has taken on a trade, they will then attempt to move those shares along buy or sell to another party, attempting to make a profit along the way.

There are also times when the market maker may decide to purchase a stock from you and add the position to the firm's inventory or sell you shares from their current inventory. The inventory is a compilation of securities out of which the firm may trade in the near term or hold for the long haul.

How To Buy Stocks In Canada | A 5 Step Guide To Getting Started

On most trades, brokers act as conduits. They simply post your trade in the market place so others can choose to transact with it. This means anyone may interact with your order, including other traders and investors, or market makers. There are times when a market marker will take the opposite side of your trade. They are providing liquidity, but will also try to turn a profit for providing that service, as any other trader or investor is hoping to do.

Most market makers and other traders will not buy something if they don't think they can make a profit on it, which means prices will drop as far as they have to in order to entice buyers back in. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice.Investing in stocks seems like a challenging endeavor. You need to know how to navigate the markets and ultimately profit more than you would from giving your money to a bank to invest.

Gone are the days of ticker tapes feeding out stock prices and orders. Now all an investor needs to do is open an account, click a few buttons and they own stocks. Stock prices are now available with the click of a button through your discount brokerage or even a popular search engine.

There are even ways to easily convert your Canadian dollars to U. In fact, with mobile apps you can often execute trades anywhere in the world in the snap of a second. So, what brokerage do I personally recommend for making your first stock purchase? Well, first things first open a separate tab in your browser. And finally, simply watch this video I created to walk you through step by step how to get started with Questrade.

Anyone can invest, just like anyone can pick up a golf club and try to hit the ball. And while being a bad golfer may result in only a few laughs, your money is at stake here, which is no laughing matter. Your first stock purchase is an important moment, and it must be well thought out. This is why relying on things like social media for investment advice such as learning what stocks to buy and sell is a mistake.

The investors in these groups do not have your best intentions at heart. There are many ways to invest your money in Canada today. Obviously with this guide being primarily based on buying stocks online equities being the proper term through an online broker, that is what we are going to be focused on.

buying and selling stock reddit

These investments, especially for those looking to start investing, are fairly complicated. Common stocks, although at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of importance, have higher risk yet much higher reward than preferred stocks. Preferred shares are very popular with institutional investment firms, often because of their tax benefits vs common shares.

With Questrade, the execution of a trade is as simple as a click of a button. Jumping in too quick could cost you a ton of money depending on what type of stock you are buying.

It is the most basic of all order types, as it simply tells your brokerage to buy or sell a stock with no regard for the price. Now, the brokerage will still get you the best possible price on your stock, however liquidity comes into effect. If you place a market order for a stock like Royal Bank, often your order will be filled within a few seconds, and for the current trading price, give or take a few cents. This is simply because of supply and demand.

buying and selling stock reddit

In a single day, over 1. On the contrary, with a low volume stock, someone looking to buy or sell shares of a particular stock may have set their price significantly lower or higher than the current trading price. Important to be mindful of that. This is where the disregard for price comes in. Simply put, the limit order helps you control your price when buying or selling a Canadian stock. The same applies for buying a stock. It is a very good habit to get into, and reduces the chances of you slipping up and accidentally executing a market order on a highly volatile or low volume stock.

Most online brokers these days have interfaces that are very easy to use in terms of order types. Stock analysis is a skill that can take years, even decades to master.

Online brokers will typically offer all of these metrics when you look up a company ticker. A stock with a price to earnings ratio of 15 could be overvalued, while a stock with a price to earnings ratio of 30 could be severely discounted. The key is to look at the industry average.

For example, lets compare two stocks side by side. Royal Bank currently has a price to earnings of Choosing the best stocks to buy today depends so much on your individual financial situation. To get a good read on where you stand, read our How to Invest Guide. It walks you through topics like establishing an emergency fund, asset allocation, when it makes sense to buy stocks, etc.

Now, onto the 20 stock ideas. Here's the entire list, followed by the summary buy thesis for each one. The first two are a bit of a cheat because they're actually exchange-traded funds ETFs. ETFs allow you broad exposure to a basket of stocks, and these two are some of the best low-cost index funds around:. Some combination of these two is an excellent foundation for the equity portion of just about anyone's portfolio.

They allow you to match the performance of the U. And for those who don't have the time or inclination to pick individual stocks, it could be your entire stock portfolio. But since you clicked on our headline, you're probably looking for some individual stock ideas in your quest to beat the market, too.

Let's start with five that are particularly good for beginning investors because of their strong balance sheets, positive free cash flow, and competitive advantages:.

These Big Tech companies have their hands in seemingly everything and have the potential to disrupt the parts of the economy they don't. Their large market capitalizations reflect the fact the market knows this, too. That said, beginning investors are generally better off sticking to well-known large cap stocks with strong brand recognition as they start off on their investing journey versus getting too cute with under-the-radar smaller cap stocks.

And all investors should stay away from penny stocks! Amazon dominates online retail to the tune of about half of all U. And that's not even where it gets most of its profit. That comes from Amazon Web Services, its cloud computing offering. While its retail segment sells us literal picks and shovels, Amazon Web Services sells the virtual picks and shovels of the Internet. As a bonus, Amazon throws in other goodies like its burgeoning original content as well as its subsidiaries like high-end organic retailer Whole Foods and the gaming-related live streaming video platform Twitch.

Alphabet aka the owner of Google is no less impressive. Its search engine might be better termed a "money engine. In addition, YouTube is the 1 video platform in the world while Android is the 1 mobile operating system. Also within the Alphabet umbrella are a whole bunch of futuristic moonshots and other "alpha bets" get it?

As a result, Google is involved in everything from driverless cars to virtual reality to drones to artificial intelligence AI. Each of those four platforms counts at least a billion monthly users. Pretty impressive when the world's population is also counted in the single-digit billions.

How to Buy Your First Share

Getting out of the Big Tech space a bit, there's healthcare pioneer Intuitive Surgical, which makes robotic surgery a reality with its da Vinci surgical systems. The technology assists surgeons in making procedures less invasive, leading to better patient outcomes. It's easy to see a growth path forward with increased adoption by surgeons and hospitals and increasing numbers of approved procedures. Finally, we come to Axon Enterprises, known for its law enforcement and self-defense products.

To wit, its Taser stun guns, Axon body cameras, and Evidence. For more in-depth breakdowns of the buy rationale for the five stocks above as well as other considerations before buying individual stocks, go to our analyst Brian Stoffel's full write-up on these top stocks for beginning investors.

Dividend stocks make sense for many kinds of investors -- not just those looking for a regular income stream or DRIP investing. After all, there have been many long-term studies that have shown that dividend payers have outperformed those stocks that haven't paid dividends. Let's take a look at eight appealing candidates for today's market. As our data, telecommunications, and media needs continue to grow, these two are poised to profit. Buzzwords like Internet of Things, 5G networks, and cloud computing all provide opportunities for these two.Margi n means buying securities, such as stocks, by using funds you borrow from your broker.

Buying stock on margin is similar to buying a house with a mortgage. How is that? Buying on margin is an example of using leverage to maximize your gain when prices rise. Leverag e is simply using borrowed money to increase your profit. This type of leverage is great in a favorable bull market, but it works against you in an unfavorable bear market. Because you owe more than you own, it is negative net worth. Leverage is a double-edged sword. Suppose that you think that the stock for the company Mergatroid, Inc.

What can you do? If you do that, what are the potential outcomes? This is the best outcome for you. Using margin, you will double the return on your money. Leverage, when used properly, is very profitable. However, it is still debt, so understand that you must pay it off eventually. If the stock goes nowhere, you still have to pay interest on that margin loan. If the stock pays dividends, this money can defray some of the cost of the margin loan. In other words, dividends can help you pay off what you borrow from the broker.

Having the stock neither rise nor fall may seem like a neutral situation, but you pay interest on your margin loan with each passing day. For this reason, margin trading can be a good consideration for conservative investors if the stock pays a high dividend. If the stock price goes down, buying on margin can work against you.

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