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HKT48 is a Japanese idol group formed in In July24 girls passed the final round of auditions and joined the idol group as 1st generation members. Komori Yui withdrew in April She was part of Next Girls. She subsequently denied. The program was hosted by Sasshi.

Their 1st single Suki! The highest rated episode will air before the other program on the next week.

HKT48 ただいま恋愛中【1】

An official shop was opened for a limited time between November and January at Canal City Hakata in Fukuoka. Some other members have also been transferred. The centers were Tashima Meru and Tomonaga Mio. In Septemberthe girls participated in a campaign for the Japanese sweets company Lotte.

The members dressed up in costumes for Halloween and posted the videos on a special website. Kumazawa Serina won the costume contest and appeared on billboards. It traces the history of the idol group since its creation. Each members was filmed while decorating a Christmas tree, and the one whose video got the most points could be the guest of a radio show on FM Fukuoka.

Their 6th single Shekarashika!

hkt48 theater

It includes sexy pictures of her as a gravure idol. It will be released in theaters in the summer of The origin of their name comes from Hakata, one of the 7 wards of Fukuoka. Team H was formed in March The idol group announced its major debut under the label Universal Music in November The list of the 9 members of the 3rd generation was unveiled in November Goto Izumi announced her graduation in October Thinking of sending gifts to AKB48 or one of her sister groups?

Why not help document it here? Feel free to post the details of your letters, what you included, and when you sent it.

Think of this thread almost as a diary. Your ideas may even help the ones of us without a clue of what to write or give the girls.

So think of this as Group-Sourcing. If you see anything that might be a mention of fanmail received post the details here, a link to the blog post and more importantly a screenshot or re-upload a picture they took because they shut and edit blogs all the time.

Certain of these items may be seen as a case-by-case basis, like a battery operated small toy or something might be okay, but in general we should assume all of these will be confiscated by the staff and sold on Yahoo Auctions or something. What are you waiting for? Begin sending your love today! I am from Belguim and it is difficult to have some information because I do not understand Japanees. Your email address will not be published.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Formed in Nagoya inCellchrome has accomplished what some bands could only dream of in just a span of The musical duo known as Chage and Aska is down to one as Aska leaves the group. Aska made the announcement on the duos 40th anniversary. In his official Momoka Ariyasu, formerly of J-pop idol group Momoiro Clover Z, is hitting the circuit in her first solo live early next year.

The tour, titled Saku Livekicks Pop idol group Keyakizaka46 is scheduled for their final appearances of the summer in back-to-back Tokyo Dome appearances on September 18th and 19th. The pair of appearances are cap Yasushi Akimoto graduation announcement. Which AKB48 member do fans think will get married first? Momoka Ariyasu to Hold Solo Tour in Keyakizaka46 close out Summer Concert series at Tokyo Dome. Perfume Announces Major Dome Tour.How much do you know about AKB48? Nothing at all?

Well, stop here and learn the basics about them! Japanese Culture. Nov 24 Sep 09 If you follow Japanese pop culture, there's one name you have most likely heard over and over again: AKB You might be thinking to yourself that they're just an idol group with way too many cute girls. Well, they're more. In Japan, these girls are truly a national symbol for the country, but wait! There's more!

So, what's the difference? Just who are these idols? Do they just sing and be cute all the time? To any casual person, the 48G might seem to be very overwhelming, and you might be interested but don't know where to start. Let's start with the basics and build it up.

Today, I will be introducing you to Japan's national daughters. So before we dive into the 48 Group Family 48G for shortlet's discuss the differences between an idol in Japanese culture and an idol in Western cultures.

If you ask a typical American about idols, the first thing that will usually come to mind is the hit TV series American Idol. The association then becomes that an idol is a musical star that is high up on a pedestal above normal citizens.

However, Japanese people have a unique idea of what an idol is like, thanks in part to Korean pop and idol units in Japan. Japanese people see idols as cute and attractive girls or cool guys who sing, participate in variety TV shows, perform on-stage, and appear in all forms of media from commercials to magazines.

Fandom in Western cultures is very different from fandom in Japan. So they then choose hobbies and really invest in them. Japanese entertainment companies understand this mentality and feed off of it by giving their products, in this case idols, more exposure, which means that idols are not JUST singers in Japan. They sing, perform shows, appear at major events, appear in TV variety shows and commercials, do photoshoots for magazines, get involved in campaigns with other companies, interact with fans at handshake events, appear in dramas and movies, host radio shows, and essentially encompass the entire entertainment world in Japan.

It is difficult to go to Japan and not notice them. The 48G has become such a commonplace sight that most Japanese people expect to see on TV and giant billboards. So, the takeaway message from this section is that an idol in Western culture is fairly different versus an idol in Japanese culture.

Therefore, in order to discuss Japanese idols, it is important to establish the difference and keep a Japanese mindset when going forward. The 48G consists of AKB48 as the big sister group to all of the other little sister groups. The "48" part of their name refers to the original number of members who debuted in AKB To explain why this is a misconception involves a little geography lesson.

I only mean to provide a brief synopsis now, and in the future, I will cover each group more in depth. AKB48's local theater is located in Akihabara, Tokyo. AKB48 is generally the most famous of all groups due to being the oldest group and the group that is given the most exposure to media.

Aki-P wanted to make his concept of "idols you can meet" spread nationwide, and at the time, the opportunity to open another theater presented itself in Sakae, Nagoya. SKE48 is generally famous for their strong dancing and powerful performances. NMB48 opened its theater in Namba, Osaka.

NMB48 is generally famous for their comedy.

hkt48 theater

HKT48 consists of the 48G's youngest members and is also the youngest sister group.HKT48 is a 48 Group that suffers from far too few single releases.

After constantly releasing only 2 singles a year for five years, HKT48 seems to have made themselves comfortable by only releasing Hayaokuri Calendar in and Ishi around the same time in Interestingly enough, a familiar IZONE-like flower concept of dance can be seen in bits and pieces, building up to a rather breathtaking ending pose.

Click here to purchase their new single! Tashima Meru has the distinction of being able to call herself the original HKT48 center. One of our favorite AKB48 tracks was actually double centered by Meru, as well!

After being in the group for eight years, Mai has still yet to center an HKT48 song. She is a renowned theater girl, devoting most of her time in HKT48 to learning different dance positions for potential theater stages she could perform.

hkt48 theater

She has also achieved some moderate success, her ranking keeps rising and falling but consistently hovering around 34thth place. Mai also participates in two B-sides on their just released single, Anna is very well known by HKT48 fans as the practical joker, or comedian, of the group.

Very surprisingly, Murashige was announced at rank 1! Unfortunately for Murashige Anna, later in the same concert it was anounced that her reign was over, and she was bumped back to 16th place, with Tanaka Miku reclaiming her first place spot.

Check up on them below:.

HKT48; 8 Members Who Could Become Your New Oshi

Speaking very emotionally and highly of the theater, Haruka is currently chasing a dream of having the most theater performances, being awarded after passing her th one. Watch a very recent HKT48 performance of this song live below! She participated in three of the b-sides on their most recent single, Unjo Hirona has never centered an HKT48 song until now, when she was surprisingly announced as the new center for their current single, Many people were confused and excited, as HKT48 had previously been a very upbeat group.

In comparison, Hirona was always very reserved onstage. Hirona is also one half of the short lived duo, Fairy w! Watch below:. Matsuoka Hana is one of our favorite HKT48 members. Her solo song, Onna no Ko da mon, Hashiranakya! Watch her perform it below:. She also takes part in two b-sides for the single. Hana has recently drastically risen in the HKT48 ranks to become a front girl, second only to Tanaka Miku. Watch them lead the group in Saikou ka yo alongside graduated front girl, Sashihara Rino.

In her five years of joining HKT48, Bibian has centered one b-side for the group. She gained a small amount of attention for her brief stint on Produce48, and her unique styling during the show.The group moved to this location after the area which housed the first HKT48 Theater was repurposed. The non-permanence of the theater implies that the hall can also be booked for other events not related to the group, like plays or musicals.

Category:HKT48 Theater

Due to this, there are periods where there are no performances by HKT48, and the theater infrastructure has to be brought down, to be rebuilt again when the other events are over. The theater is composed of a front stage with two side runways going into the audience, and a B-stage in the middle of the audience.

hkt48 theater

During performances members make use of all these stages, including the stairs in the back of the theater. The previous theater was in use from the group's debut on 25th November, until 31st March, This theater was the only 48 group theater to have a permanent built-in walkway with a rotating and elevatable round platform.

The new theater was revealed on July 17th, with a press conference featuring many members and it was announced that the performances would start late October. It features seats, standing area for nearly 30 people and space for disabled people. This is the first theater to have an official name and it will be rented out for other acts whenever HKT is not performing. From Wiki Jump to: navigationsearch. Categories : HKT48 Theater. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View history. Stage48 Create an account! Stage48 Studio This page was last modified on 25 Julyat Privacy policy About Wiki48 Disclaimers. Team H Stage name Date Performances 1. Kenkyuusei Stage name Date Performances 1.Track List CD 1. Onegai Valentine 3. Kataomoi no Karaage Amakuchi-hime 4. Instrumental 5. Onegai Valentine Instrumental 6.

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Ships from. Sold by.In Octobershe auditioned and was chosen as a trainee for the 5th generation of AKB She was promoted to a regular member of Team B in August She placed 27th in the popularity-driven General Election, where she was grouped with the "Under Girls", the ones who would perform on the first B-side singles.

On December 4,Sashihara attempted to upload articles in a day on her official blog, with the number of page views reaching 35 million on the same day. She replied by saying that the man was "just a friend", and the story was completely false. Sashihara released her second single, " Ikujinashi Masquerade ", on October 17, Sashihara received the most votes in AKB48's annual general election in withvotes she beat out Yuko Oshimawho receivedvotes.

InSashihara won AKB48's general election with a total ofvotes, returning to the center position. Sashihara's placements in AKB48 's annual general election:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rino Sashihara. January 8, Retrieved January 9, Yahoo Japan Corporation.

Retrieved June 9, LINE Corporation. December 7, Retrieved April 23, December 24, Retrieved January 12, Tokyo Walker. April 21, Retrieved November 20, Archived from the original on May 26, Retrieved June 21,

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