Kayak rear trolling motor mount

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kayak rear trolling motor mount

Go back to filtering menu. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us.Fishing from a kayak has become a trend among those die-hard anglers who want to keep pushing themselves and challenging themselves. The main advantage of kayak fishing is that it gives you the opportunity to reach those places that are otherwise impossible to reach.

Now, do you want to get yourself exhausted with constant paddling to reach the right spot? That makes no sense, right? This is the reason why modern-day anglers are installing Trolling Motors on the kayaks to move around the waterbody without getting themselves tired and exhausted.

But in order to mount the trolling motors on the Kayak, you need to have a robust and strong Kayak motor mount in place to hold onto it.

kayak rear trolling motor mount

A trolling motor secured by a strong and durable kayak trolling motor mount can make all the difference. But finding the right motor mount for your boat is easier said than done. With so many varieties of kayak motor mounts available in the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult even for a seasoned kayaker to find one that meets both his budget and requirements.

To help you out here we are going to give a roundup of top 8 kayak motor mounts so that you can make a better buying decision —. Here is a list of top 8 kayak motor mounts. Read the reviews carefully and then make the final decision —. It fits perfectly with the Rods Holders. Installation should not take more than 30 seconds unless you have no idea what you are doing. Disconnecting Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount is as easy as pie and that means, it can be used on multiple kayaks with built-in Rods Holders without causing any damage.

By sliding and releasing the mount, you will be able to adjust the clamps effortlessly. Change of position is also possible.

Use the straps to shore it up. However, if you wish, you can also use heavy duty zip ties to secure it further.

kayak rear trolling motor mount

Be it a gas motor or an electric one, Old Town Standard Motor Mount is here to give you all the support that your kayaks need to affix the motor properly. Known for its versatility and flexibility, Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount can be installed and uninstalled in a matter of few seconds. Operating this kayak motor mount is a breeze.

REVIEW: YakGadget Motor Mount for Kayaks

Old Town Standard Motor Mount can easily hold up three horsepower engine thanks to the inclusion of rust-free and heavy-duty aluminum bracket. Hardwood block offers a stable surface where electric motors can be mounted.

BY moving the. Harmony Canoe Motor Mount works really well for most kayaks and standard canoes. Fixing a motor on this Canoe Motor Mount does not take much doing. Versatile and heavy duty, Harmony Canoe Motor Mount offers an exceptional level of support to electric trolling motors. With a little bit of customization, this Motor Mount can be fixed to either side of a kayak easily and effortlessly.

Up to 35 lb. It can be detached and attached to most gunwales which is certainly one of its main advantages.

Brocraft Kayak Trolling Motor Mount is another versatile motor mount that you can install on your kayak to improve its performance. You can place a 35 lb. It can be installed or removed from gunwales in a matter of a few seconds. There is absolutely no need to torque down the knobs. All you have to do is to snug them slowly and there you have it.

Old Town Standard Canoe Motor Mount does what it does best and that is extending support to kayak motors.The pleasure and pride of owning a kayak goes beyond just the independence it allows. For anglers and adventurers around, it allows access to places previously inaccessible Whether you're sea kayaking, river kayaking, or paddling a local lake, k ayakers fall in love with the minimal impacts such a small and quiet boat has on the surrounding environment. That is, if your kayak allows for easy mounting.

Luckily, we have scoured the market for universal mounts and compared them below for your reference. For individuals that do not want to drill into their hull, this is an attractive option. Because these kayak trolling motor mounts fit into rod holders, it can work with both S. Depending on the kayak mount, they can be rated to hold up to 55lb of thrust trolling motors. While affordable and easy to install, there are many drawbacks to this style of kayak motor mount.

If you do not have rod holders, you will have to install your own.

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Because it only works with rod holders, there is a lot of give and sway which makes the trolling motor mount very unstable. These are not the qualities many are looking for when dangling a brand new trolling motor a few inches above the water.

Some of the materials used to make this mount include aluminum and stainless steel, but the down tubes are made from cut PVC that remains unfinished at the ends. Aesthetically, this is not pleasing and screams low quality. A reasonable priced trolling motor mount for your fishing kayak. This mount is also adjustable to fit varying kayak widths and is adjustable to work on different mounting angles.

This kit also requires you to drill into the hull of your kayak. However, the mounting equipment provided is not enough to provide a secure and stable mount, with only four screws to hold your new kayak trolling motor. If you are going to risk drilling into your kayak hull, might as well get something secure that you know will work. This is the best that money can buy and fits on most kayaks. This kit is extremely durable and built to last for fresh or saltwater use.At some point, you may find yourself tired of simply paddling.

Mounting a trolling motor will not only help you explore the waters at faster speeds, but it will also allow you to enjoy a new dimension of kayaking. To install a trolling motor on your kayak, you need a mount. There are, in essence, two types of trolling motor mounts: off-the-shelf kits, and homemade mounting kits. In this post, we will look at both types to help you decide on one.

With a trolling motor mount, you can attach a motor to your kayak without spending a lot of time or effort. Although off-the-shelf mounts tend to be more expensive than homemade mounts, they typically look great on a kayak and offer a lot in terms of durability and maneuverability. If the trolling motor is attached correctly, steering the boat can be incredibly easy. Before buying a trolling motor mounting kit, it may be a good idea to take note of some crucial buying considerations:. Bixpy Jets are now in stock again!

If the mount has difficulty absorbing the vibration of the motor, your kayak may have trouble running smoothly. This is especially important if you are installing a powerful engine. If the construction materials in the mount are rust-resistant and water-resistant, you can rest assured that your motor mounting will last longer without running into severe technical issues.

A vital feature of the trolling motor mounting kit you choose is that it should be completely compatible with your kayak. A mounting kit that is incompatible with your craft can result in unnecessary costs to change the dimensions or critical components to ensure a perfect fit.

Slight deviations in terms of incompatibility can also influence the performance of your trolling motor. To ensure complete compatibility with your kayak, consult extensively with the seller and try to find online reviews to discover whether other users were able to use the mounting kit successfully with their boats. Building a homemade mounting kit comes down to using the existing components and features of your kayak.

kayak rear trolling motor mount

For example, rod holders are perfect for housing mounting poles. A rear storage compartment may be large enough to accommodate an onboard power source like a Volt deep cycle marine battery.Adding propulsion to your kayak just got really easy. Within 5 minutes, your mount can be installed and you'll be ready to go out on the water. The QuickMount MK series was designed to be able to take a Minn Kota trolling motor from a big box store and mount it on your kayak within minutes.

It is also designed to be removable for travel with easy setup. Once the mount is installed, you can quickly install the motor using the transom mount that came with the motor. It is easily removed as well. All Vibe mounts come with the handle brace uprade pre-installed.

Compatible with the BigFish Designed to fit and drop inside of the pod area. Easy to attach any type of trolling motor 30 lbs. Motor can be fixed or is steerable from the pod area.

Compatible with the Lure 10 Designed to fit, drop and lock inside of the pod area. Designed to fit the stern of the Lure series. The Y-Plate is designed to go into the grear tracks with the track adapters and using the rudder hole as well.

Which Mount Works for Your Kayak?

Toggle navigation. Home Products Videos Contact. The most affordable kayak motor mount out there. Easy to Install Using the included hardware, you can install your mount in under 5 minutes. Quick Install of Motor Once the mount is installed, you can quickly install the motor using the transom mount that came with the motor. Made to Fit Most Kayaks We have 3 types of mounts designed to fit different models of kayaks. QuickMount MK series Available to purchase online!Kayak trolling motor comes into play when you need to cover large water for fishing.

Although anglers don't prefer it much, but most of the time having the best trolling motor is the greatest advantage. Kayaking is effortless when equipped with the best trolling motor but finding that perfect match require some effort. Here we have a compilation of best trolling motors and their reviews to help you make an informed choice.

Maximum Trust. Check Price. Newport Vessels NV-Series 36 lb. Minn Kota Endura C2 40 Freshwater. Newport Vessels Electric Motor. Newport Vessels L Series. This is the best rates trolling motor for kayaks for It is salt water resistant which increases its durability and increases its efficiency for effortless fishing.

With a maximum thrust of 55 lbs it gives you enough speed and thrust to range over five forward and three backward gears for quick transit during fishing. Minn-Kota Endura C2 is a favorite among many people…. Minn Kota believed in the innovation of their products instead of imitating. This trolling motor is a legendary performer who has been built in a way to last longer, explore and it also has a backup of quiet and cool power.

The features make it work for a longer time and takes less time to fight weeds, and it ensures comfort in all the ways. It also extends the battery life and conserves the battery. Greater thrust and prolonged life come with the motor.

Bearing system is unique and produces a high-level torque or low RPMs which thereby cuts down the fish-spooking noise, and they will not have an idea of your presence. Composite Shaft is indestructible and is guaranteed for life. Stronger than steel, pound for pound. Prop performance is powerful; the thrust model features a two prop which has the capability to take thick stuff without draining the battery and hacking. Reliable performance is offered by the flared, swept-back blades.

The thrust models of 30,40, and 45 has a Power Prop for delivering extra power needed to perform heavy vegetation. Rock solid mounting is delivered by the lever lock bracket which is stronger than the routine brackets. Special materials are included for warping, the resistance of flex, and also the UV damage. Easier to dismount after the day. Both the brands offer some motors with amazing thrust power, but Newport Vessels is offering more features and with a low cost.

The main reason that makes Newport Vessels stand out from the rest is that of its resistance in saltwater. We can not say the same for many trolling motors, and many cannot be used for saltwater too. NV motor is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc for enhancing its performance even in saltwater.Kayak fishing is about as pure as it gets. Out there on the water, it's just you on your yak, your line in the water, and the fish inbound to take the bait.

There's just one problem: the paddle. Paddling can cause uneven disturbances in the water, scaring off fish that might otherwise have come in for a bite. It also requires the use of both hands, meaning you can't have a grip on your fishing rod while moving your kayak at the same time. The solution is a trolling motor This rugged, reliable mount installs on most fishing kayaks in a matter of minutes, fitting into rod holder recesses built into the hull.

5 Best Trolling Motors for your Canoe (or Kayak)

Its tubular steel frame and solid plastic components resist corrosion and won't degrade even after extensive exposure to water, sunlight, and salty air, and the mount is sturdy enough for any size of kayak trolling motor.

Both left and right-handed fisherman can use the BKC TM motor mount thanks to its ambidextrous design -- the mount converts to position the motor on either side of the hull with a few simple adjustments. Connecting a motor to the mount takes mere seconds, as does removing the motor or the entire mount itself. The system is lightweight enough for easy handling and it adds little weight to the overall payload of your yak. Compatible with a 2-clamp trolling motor which can impressively handle up to 36 pounds of thrust to propel you across the water.

Made from aluminum and lightweight steel and capability in both fresh and saltwater. BKC kayaks are designed with the end user in mind. These are the ideal personal watercraft for the fisherman, the outdoorsman, the family set on aquatic adventure. From built-in waterproof storage compartments to paddles and seats included with every purchase, we tried to think of everything we would want in a kayak ourselves and then build it into the craft we offer you.

And without adding extra costs, either -- we never planned to make a fortune making kayaks, we just want to help create rich memories. To put it simply, if some other brand was making kayaks this good at prices these fair, we never would have opened shop.

But nobody was. So we did. Drop us a line to talk about kayaks, fishing, paddling techniques, or the best spot near NYC to catch bluefish or stripers; Were always glad to talk product or swap stories. And when you're ready for a new kayak, consider one inspired by and designed here in Brooklyn, NY and ready for adventure anywhere on earth.

This will also help avoid any cracking in the hull. We recommend applying this at the beginning, middle, and end of every kayaking season. Last but not least, we recommend that you waterproof your kayaks at the end of your first season, and the beginning of each season thereafter.

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